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Takedown Guidance

Guiding Principles
The fundamental privacy-protective design of Global Coverage Services Company's services underlies Global Coverage Services Company's approach to law enforcement and takedown requests. This includes user control over the encryption/decryption keys as well as the extent and manner to which their files/folders are shared. In considering any request for user data, user information or action involving a Global Coverage Services Company user, Global Coverage Services Company starts from the position that user data and information is private.


This guidance will be publicly available, including by publication on Global Coverage Services Company's website. Global Coverage Services Company may also periodically publish a summary of requests received and actions taken under this guidance.


Even if the decryption key is provided to staff or otherwise publicly available, Global Coverage Services Company generally will not view, or attempt to view, files against which action is requested but it reserves the right to do so where the file has been decrypted if it considers necessary or appropriate. Global Coverage Services Company is not obliged to take action unless required to do so by applicable law but any action will be undertaken objectively, based only on the information provided by third parties, this guidance, its Terms of Service and its Privacy & Data Policy. Where there is any inconsistency between those Global Coverage Services Company documents, the Terms of Service prevail.


Global Coverage Services Company will promptly inform the user of any action taken where practicable provided it considers it appropriate or is required to do so by applicable law and provided it is not legally prevented from doing so by a court or other authority with appropriate jurisdiction.


Applicable law under this guidance is India law. However, Global Coverage Services Company may, if it chooses to do so, without being obliged to do so, and without submitting itself to any other jurisdiction's law or courts or tribunals, consider requests made by and assist non-India law enforcement authorities and civil claimants in whole or in part. It may decline to do so for any reason or no reason while being guided by the Principles detailed above.



General Guidance
The provisions in this section apply to all criminal law enforcement and civil information and takedown requests other than those for Emergency Response, alleged Child Exploitation Material, alleged Copyright Infringing Material or alleged Other Intellectual Property Infringing Material.


Other than as set out below in those specific situations, Global Coverage Services Company will generally only take action when required to do so by applicable law or a court or law enforcement authority with appropriate jurisdiction, although it reserves the right to do so at any time and for any reason or no reason, as set out in its Terms of Service.


The information to be provided or action to be taken by Global Coverage Services Company shall be as specified in the relevant law or order, subject to Global Coverage Services Company being technically able to provide that information or take that action. As noted above, persons making criminal or civil information requests should contact Global Coverage Services Company first to see what information may be able to be provided.